Half Beef Custom Cut (Deposit)


This is a non-refundable deposit on a standard cut of half beef. The final balance will be determined by weight. Our butcher will contact you by phone to go over custom cut instructions.

We will contact you with further details after we receive your deposit.



There is a nonrefundable deposit of $500 for a custom cut half

$ 5.25/lb. carcass weight (actual price per pound of take-home weight will vary depending on custom cut instructions)

  1. Select your quantity
  2. Add to cart & checkout to pay the deposit
  3. You will speak with our butcher to walk through your cutting instructions.
  4. Orders will be filled in the order received. You will be asked for steak cut thickness, steaks per package, and any other packaging sizes.
  5. When order has been processed we will send an invoice for the total remaining balance.

Review our price sheet to see the typical cost ranges.